Teens & Acne

My philosophy on teenage skin care is the earlier the better! I believe educating teens about their skin and their at-home skin care routine will set them up for long-term success with healthy skin. I have two different facial treatments designed for teenagers; the Young Adult Facial and Acne Fighting Facial. 

Acne Fighting Facial $60

Having two teenagers of my own who have suffered with acne, I understand how difficult acne is on both kids and parents! But with some patience and consistent routines, together we can treat acne. I offer comprehensive acne facials geared towards three goals; treatment, education and at-home care. This facial includes an in-depth skin analysis, double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, sulfur masque, restorative skin masque, moisturizer and home skin care instructions. (1 Hour)

Young Adult Facial $60

This facial is an excellent introduction into proper skin care for ages 18 years and younger. It includes a skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions, masque, moisturizer and home skin care instructions. (50 min) 

*My spa is set up perfectly for moms, dads, guardians or friends to hang out together while the service is being performed, making it more comfortable for teens!

**My prices are completely transparent. No hidden fees and no additional cost. The price listed will always be the price you are charged.